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Arts, Crafts & Educational Toys

Ignite your child’s creativity and spark their imaginations with arts and crafts and educational toys from Myer. Our extensive range of educational toys (including those focused on arts and crafts) encourage independent thinking, creative expression and problem-solving, allowing kids to explore and discover new possibilities while having fun.

At Myer, you’ll find a variety of popular, creative toys from leading brands, including Australian Geographic, Crayola, Discovery, FAO Schwarz, LeapFrog, National Geographic, Play-Doh, VTech and more!

How do arts and crafts help a child’s development?

Arts and crafts activities are valuable in helping children develop their motor skills, problem-solving abilities, creativity and imagination. They provide an open-ended platform for play that allows kids to explore without any boundaries or pressure - from creating colourful pieces of jewellery to growing their own crystals - your child can experience the freedom to express themselves however they see fit.

As one of the best toys for cognitive development, arts and crafts for kids provide numerous learning opportunities, including:

Literacy and language: From listening and understanding to speaking and reading, arts and crafts encourage kids to talk about their projects, follow directions, ask questions and listen to observations and answers from others.

Math concepts: Whether your little one is learning to recognise shapes, measure lengths and sizes, or count and sort materials and supplies, an understanding of math concepts is advanced through educational toys with an arts and crafts focus.

Creative thinking: Arts and crafts allow kids to explore self-expression, new ways of thinking and problem-solving. With an emphasis on the process rather than the finished product, children are given opportunities to learn that creativity isn’t about doing something better than others; it’s about thinking, discovering, imagining, and exploring.

Self-esteem: arts and crafts provide kids with a rewarding sense of accomplishment, bolstering their self-esteem as they take pride in the projects they’ve made. They’re also an excellent way for kids to learn that mistakes are inevitable but often lead to unexpected and exciting discoveries!

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