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SleepMaker Mattress & Base Set - Mezzo



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Mezzo Mattress and Base Set  Unless you have been asleep for 10 years you will know that life has changed! We work anywhere, any time, we choose what we want to watch and when, were connected more than ever. But we still value our downtime. Life has changed the way we use our beds. This bed wasnt designed for 10 years ago. Everything about this bed is considered and engineered for the kind of lives were living now. Its Mezzo. For this life. Mezzo is a design exclusive to SleepMaker.

It features high strength materials like natural ash beams which are lightweight yet tough, and bespoke handmade cast aluminium legs. The solid headboard is made of one piece and is more durable than a headboard made of two parts. There are also adjustable backrests to provide you with support where you need it the most. The pocket coiled, foam encased spring mattress has two different sides. A softer side with 150g wool, DreamFoam and Latex layers for winter. So you can sink in a little more and stay warm. The other side is perfect for summer with a firmer feel and Fusion Gel layers to help remove excess heat. And Mezzo features a radically simple design that could be put together in under 10 minutes.

QS Frame 207cm  x 156cm x 27cm floor to resting area of mattress Headboard height  x 89cm QS Mattress 203cm x 153cm x26cm

Care Instructions:  Keep your Mattress & Base clean and dry: We recommend you place a quality washable mattress protector over the mattress.

Vacuum the mattress regularly, to prevent dust from settling. Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Spot clean spills immediately on the base.

After 4-6 weeks re-tighten the legs as loose legs will damage the base frame. Check every 6 months and tighten if necessary.

10 year warranty

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