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Greek by George Calombaris (hardback)



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Away from his restaurant kitchens what George Calombaris really loves to cook is the food he grew up with, food that is made with love and designed to be shared.   

In Greek, George shares his enthusiasm for all things Greek, adding modern tweaks to stamp his adventurous culinary spirit on traditional recipes.  This is traditional Greek food, but not as you know it! George has created dishes that you know and love and given them a modern twist.  

His cookbook features recipes such as baklava cocktail, taramosalata popcorn, ouzo-soaked cucumbers, slow-cooked lamb and miso eggplant souvlaki and prawn saganaki tortellini with tomato and mustard seed vinaigrette  and many more!  

Genre: Food & Beverage
APN: 9781921383335

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