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Do you love ridiculously suspenseful games that anyone can play? If the answer is 'woof!' you're going to love Don't Wake The Dog. This daft but deeply amusing game sees players taking it in turns to pinch bones from a slumbering bow wow's bowl without waking him up. So far, so barking. The thing is this particular pooch is of the aggressive, 'almost bite your hand off if you so much as breathe near it' variety. And almost bite your hand off he will, because if you make a dog's dinner of retrieving the bones, the sleepy hound will wake in an instant, lurch forward and growl. Rrrargh!

The idea is to pick a card and then use the comedy cat paw tweezers to remove the number and colour of bones shown on the card. The first player to collect all their bones without waking the dog wins. It's a bit like Buckaroo meets Operation - with teeth!

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