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Epitomising relaxed style, streetwear is your go-to fashion solution for festivals, parties, gigs or simply keeping it casual during the week.

Contemporary streetwear for men offers a wealth of styling options. Here, we’ve provided insight into this unique aesthetic, plus tips for finding shoe styles to complement your look.

What is men’s streetwear? All about keeping it laidback, creative and fun, streetwear is men's fashion answer to keeping it comfortable while looking effortlessly stylish. Our now trending hub is a good place to start if you need inspiration to update your look.

Essential streetwear items include oversized pants, hoodies and shirts, bold graphic t-shirts, distressed jeans and old school sneakers. Discover our full range of men’s clothing to refresh your wardrobe with new releases from leading designers.

A couple of slick accessories can make your streetwear outfit pop. Think chunky jewellery such as rings and chains, plus a crossbody bag.

What shoes are popular in streetwear?

Sneakers will be your go-to when putting together a street-savvy outfit. Low top sneakers work well if you’re going for a skater vibe. And if you love basketball, a pair of high top sneakers will create a look that’s pure courtside magic.