Frequently asked questions


What can I spend my Commonwealth Awards points on?


Commonwealth Awards members can redeem Awards points (calculated to an equivalent AUD value) on purchases of merchandise and Myer Gift Cards excluding 'Coles Group and Myer' Gift Cards at any Myer store in Australia.


What is the dollar value of my Awards points?


$1 AUD is equivalent to 208 CommBank Awards points (Award points are rounded to the nearest point). A minimum redemption and a maximum of 1 million points redemption applies per day. You will be able to enquire on the dollar balance of your Awards points at a Myer register. For any questions on the conversion or rounding, please contact the Commonwealth Bank Awards Service Centre on 13 1661 anytime between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday (Sydney/Melbourne time).


How can I check the value of my Awards points when I'm in a Myer store?


You can ask a team member at a Myer register to swipe your Commonwealth Bank Awards credit card to check whether you have an available balance to spend at Myer.


Can I still earn MYER one Shopping Credits?


Yes, as a MYER one Member you will still earn MYER one Shopping Credits for merchandise purchases made with Commonwealth Awards points.


What if I don't have enough Awards points to pay the full amount of my purchase?


You can pay with any combination of Commonwealth Awards points and any other payment method accepted at Myer. Simply advise the Myer team member of the amount you would like to pay with each payment method.


What if I need to return or exchange an item that I have purchased with my Awards points?


All returns and exchanges are subject to Myer's Return Policy.

Where the item may be returned, merchandise that is purchased solely or in part using Commonwealth Awards points may be returned to Myer upon presentation of proof of purchase.

Myer may offer an exchange or Myer Returns Card*, unless otherwise required by law.

*Please note that Myer Returns Cards are subject to an expiry date.


Is there anything I can't redeem my Awards points for at Myer stores?


Commonwealth Awards points cannot be redeemed for cash. Awards points cannot be used at Myer towards payment of lay-by accounts; purchase of 'Coles Group and Myer' Gift Cards; purchases at some food and service outlets; and Miele appliances.

Food and service outlets where Awards points are not accepted in Myer stores, include:

  • Café – Brunetti
  • Café – Degani
  • Café – Gloria Jeans
  • Café – Plantation Coffee
  • The Salon

This list is subject to change from time to time.


Can I redeem my Awards points when I shop with Myer online or over the phone?


No, you can only redeem your points when you use your CommBank Awards credit card in Myer stores.


I tried to pay with my Awards points but the transaction was unsuccessful?


There are a number of reasons that your transaction may not have been successful. For example, if your card has expired or you are not enrolled in the Commonwealth Awards program, or on rare occasions Myer registers cannot connect to access Members' Awards details to process your points. For more information, you can contact the Commonwealth Awards Service Centre on 13 1661 anytime between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday (Sydney/Melbourne time).


Will Myer be accessing my personal information?


By using your Awards points to make a purchase at Myer you consent to Myer accessing and using your personal information, including your Commonwealth Awards details, to facilitate the use of the Commonwealth Awards points and related marketing communications and activities, including without limitation to balance enquiries, redemption and refunds of Awards points.


Who should I contact if I want more information on Pay with Points at Myer, or if I have a question about a transaction?


You can call the Commonwealth Awards Service Centre on 13 1661 anytime between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday (Sydney/Melbourne time) for all Awards enquiries (points balance, loyalty enrolment status, redemption transaction history, available awards enquiries, gift card redemptions). At all other times, you can call the Commonwealth Bank Call Centre on 13 2221, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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