Terms & Conditions

Myer Card Interest Rate

Myer Card fees and charges
Standard annual percentage rate 23.49%

Rates are variable and are subject to change. Current as at 15 March 2011.


Myer Card Fees and Charges

The following is a summary of the fees and charges on the Myer Card.Your contract will give more detail about these fees and charges:

Myer Card fees and charges
Annual fee $39
Late fee $20
Payment handling fee $2.50, which is not payable for payments made in-store at Myer, by mail, by direct debit or by BPAY.
Special promotion fee $35, on each occasion you make a purchase subject to a special promotion unless the conditions of the promotion state that the fee will not be charged
Account service fee $2.50 per month if the balance of your special promotions is $10 or more at the statement date

Current as at 22 July 2015. Subject to change.