How can I reach a Myer contact spokesperson for information on a story I am writing?

Questions can be directed to the relevant Media Contact for the area on which you are writing, and we will endeavour to assist with your request as quickly as possible.

How can I get a copy of the Myer logo?

We have set guidelines for the use of the Myer logo and only give our logo to approved partner groups and media outlets. To request permission to use the Myer logo, contact the Corporate Affairs team.

How can I get permission to film/take photos in a Myer store?

All photographers must have permission and be accompanied by a member of the Myer PR/Corporate Affairs team in order to film or take photos in a Myer store.

Please contact the Corporate Affairs team for more information.

Please note that while we will always try to accommodate requests when we can, we will not always have someone available to accompany a photographer, or we may choose not to participate.

I am after a specific Myer image, how can I go about getting a copy?

Please contact either our Fashion and Lifestyle team, or our Corporate Affairs team, to enquire about any images we have on file that may be available for your use.

Please also see our Investors page for a selection of images that are currently available for download.

Where can I find details of your financial results?

Please visit our Investors section for all financial results from FY07 onwards.

I am a student doing an assignment on Myer. How can I obtain information about your company?

The Myer website provides a range of company information for students or others researching our company. Please visit our About Us section for general information, our Media section for any information that has been released to the media, or our Investors section for financial information.

Please note that any information that we have made available to the public can be found on our website. However, if after reviewing the site, you still have further questions, please contact our Corporate Affairs team.

You may also find more historical or general information about Myer in the following books:

  • Your store Myer: The story of Australia's leading department store by Stella M. Barber
  • Sidney Myer by Stella M. Barber
  • Myer: Celebrating 100 years of fashion by Stella M. Barber