Our support and regional offices are responsible for the daily management and support of our business. Learn more about the departments and roles below.


The finance team is responsible for budgeting and management of Myer’s finances. There are various roles across the team including taxation, management accounts, CODB, budgeting/planning, compliance, accounts payable/receivable and investment evaluation.

Roles: Accounting Officer, Merchandise Accountant, Store Analyst, Auditor

Human Resources (HR)

This department is responsible for the management, growth and development of Myer team members on a national level. HR specialises in areas such as recruitment and training, employee and industrial relations.

Roles: HR Manager, Advisor, Officer, Co-ordinator

Information Technology (IT)

The IT department is a core function of the Myer business, ensuring the operation, maintenance and management of the infrastructure of our systems within Myer. Roles include project management, business systems, security and more.

Roles: Business System Co-ordinator, Store Process Analyst, Application Analyst, Enterprise Architect


This department is responsible for all of Myer's marketing and events management. This includes advertising, graphic design, public relations, loyalty, creative concepts and visual merchandising.

Roles: Advertising Communication Manager, Media Co-ordinator, Graphic Designer


Working with the merchandise team, you will be involved in the day-to-day management of Myer stock. You will be a part of the process that ensures the sourcing and ranging of products, maintaining optimal stock levels for each store, as well as creating efficiency in the ordering and delivery process to all stores.

Roles: Category Buyer Assistant, Allocation Analyst, Category Buyer, Analysis & Planning Manager

Retail Operations

Retail operations provides support in the delivery of efficient processes and tools to support stores. This includes salary management, loss prevention, the customer service centre, and analysis and scheduling.

Roles: Customer Service Representative, Fraud Analyst, Customer Experience Advisor

Property and Store Development

This department is responsible for the management of Myer’s existing property portfolio, as well as the redevelopment and construction of new properties. This team oversees important projects including the construction of new stores and the refurbishment of existing stores.

Roles: Property Manager, Portfolio Manager, Property Portfolio Co-ordinator, Project Manager, Design Manager


This department is responsible for guiding the business towards creating a safe work and shopping environment for all customers and team members. The safety team provides information on procedures, guidelines and hazard alerts for all team members at all Myer sites.

Roles: Claims Advisor, Injury Management Advisor, National Self Insurance Advisor

Supply Chain

Supply chain is a core function of the business ensuring efficient, international class merchandise logistics for Myer. This includes end-to-end management of goods purchased, delivery and stock management.

Roles: International Supply Chain Analyst, Transport Co-ordinator, National Supply Chain Manger