1. Screening

All applicants are initially considered and short-listed by matching the applicants’ key skills and experience against the role’s key requirements.

2. Phone interview

Applicants may be required to confirm details or answer preliminary questions to assist in the screening process.

3. Group interview and/or behavioural interview

Group interviews and activities are used widely throughout our recruitment process. In these situations, we are predominately looking to identify how applicants interact and communicate with others in the group.

During a behavioural interview, the applicant is asked to give specific examples from their previous working experience. We look for applicants who step us through the situation and outline what action they, as an individual, took and the outcome of the situation. Generally, giving examples from the last two years is best.

4. Best match

The Line Manager, in consultation with HR, makes the final hiring decision. Final decisions are based on the role’s key requirements, the applicant’s previous experience, and the skills and attributes the applicant can bring to the role and the team dynamics.

5. Job Offer

Successful applicants will receive several communications from us, including a verbal offer, online on-boarding details and their employment contracts.