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How To Find The Right Shoe Size At Home

It’s easy to measure your child’s shoe size at home. To start, you’ll need an A4 sheet of paper, a ruler and a pen. Then, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1

Download the kids' foot sizing chart

Download chart

Step 2

Wearing socks, have your child stand up straight with their heels against the wall.

Step 3

Measure from the back of their heel to the tip of their toe.

Step 4

Note down their measurement and check it against our size conversion chart.

Size conversion Chart

Our size conversion chart shows you which shoe size is most suitable for your child, based on the length of their feet.

Simply find your child’s foot measurement in the first column and then follow that row to see their size (in Australian, European and American shoe sizes).

Please note: if in doubt, it’s usually best to size up to allow room for growth.

Full Conversion Chart

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