A well-fitted bra is the perfect foundation to any outfit to really boost your confidence. Even if you think you know your bra size, it is a good idea to get fitted regularly as your size can vary throughout your life. At Myer, our team of trained professionals will take away the hassle and explain how to find your correct size. If you cannot make it into one of our stores, this simple guide will explain everything you need to know.

The first thing to look at is your underband.  The underband is where most of the work is done. It is important that you get this right so that you can feel comfortable and well supported.

1)  Does it dig in uncomfortably, even on the loosest hook? If so, it is too tight and you need to go up a back size.

2) Does the band feel loose, ride up at the back, even when on the tightest hook or can you fit more than two fingers between you and the underband?

If so, it is too loose and you should go down a back size. A well-fitted underband sits neatly around the body in a straight line and is comfortable to wear on the second tightest hook with the centre front sitting against the body.

Next, look at your cups.  Firstly, always measure to your largest breast.  Every woman has one larger than the other, this is very normal but for the correct support, you should fit to the larger side.

1) Does the cup contain your whole breast neatly, or is it spilling over the top, under the side into your armpit, or underneath?  If it’s doing any of these your cup is too small and you need to go up a size.

2) If the cups are really gaping or are very wrinkled, then your cup is too big and you should go down a size.

3) If your bra has underwire; are the wires encasing the whole breast or are they digging in to you?  If they are, then the cup is probably too small and you should increase the cup size.

The perfect cup size gives you a smooth silhouette and encases the breasts supportively without flattening or digging.

The straps; it may surprise you to know that if you get the underband and the cup size right then the straps have very little work to do.  

1) If your straps are digging in and causing pain when you wear your bra then you are in the wrong size and you need to increase your underband or your cup.  

2) Likewise, if your straps fall down even when they are at the tightest then the style is too big for you.

The perfect straps will sit neatly and square on the shoulders and can fit two fingers comfortably underneath.

Also, remember that different styles and brands of bras can fit differently, so if you want to change your style you may need to experiment with a couple of different sizes to get the perfect fit.

Find your size

This handy size converter shows you comparison sizes. For example, if you wear a 12D in one style you may want to try either a 14C, 10D or a 10DD, as these are similar sizes with a similar fit. At Myer, you will find a great range of styles for all shapes and sizes. The perfect fitting bra will make you look and feel great when you wear it.

Bra Style Guide

There is a wide variety of bra styles to choose from, whether it is for different shapes, occasions or tastes.

The t-shirt bra is great for support, comfort and everyday wear. This style features moulded cups that create seamless silhouettes under your tops and tees.

The sports bra is designed to support your breasts during movement. Choose between a low, medium or high impact bra, based on your level of physical activity. With a crossed back for added support, wear to the gym, to yoga, or just when seeking extra comfort.

An unstructured bra with minimal support, the bralette has no wires or padding. These styles usually come in lace, cotton or elastic with thinner straps. Great to wear visibly, alone or under a revealing top.

Wireless bras can be found in a variety of styles. If comfort is high on your wish list, or you prefer the feel of an unwired bra, opt for this style.

Push-up bras are great if you want to enhance your assets. With angled cups and additional padding, they’re usually worn under low-cut tops, dresses or if you simply prefer an extra lift.

The plunge bra is a slight step up from the standard push-up bra. With deeper cups that angle into a V shape, this style is designed to enhance your cleavage and give the appearance of a fuller bust.

The strapless bra is a lingerie essential. Made to wear with exposed shoulders, they are a must-have for special occasions. To ensure maximum support in this style, make sure your band fits correctly and does not slip, with no gapping in the cups.

A fuller cup is great for a woman who wants extra coverage and comfort. These styles completely cover the breast, can be moulded or non-moulded and often suit those with a larger cup size.

A maternity bra is to cater for the changing shape of your breasts through pregnancy and breastfeeding. They are designed for optimum comfort and support and may feature a drop cup to assist with feeding. We would recommend you get measured during your pregnancy and afterwards as your size will fluctuate, and stay away from styles that are too tight and uncomfortable.

Post-surgery bras are engineered to provide extra support and aid movement after surgery. Made with fabrics that deliver pressure to areas of the chest, these bras allow better breathability and easier movement and may contain pockets for you to fit a prosthesis.

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