Benefit is known as the most "action-packed" beauty brand thanks to its one-of-a-kind products that deliver instant results.

Benefit's award winning products have made headlines around the globe for offering quick fixes for every girl's beauty dilemmas, and have become cult favourites for girls everywhere!

Co-founders (and identical twin sisters), Jean & Jane Ford began creating cosmetics in the 1970's after achieving success as commercial models & makeup artists. During their professional careers dabbling in all things beauty, Jean & Jane were inspired to open a neighbourhood makeup boutique in San Francisco. What began as an impetuously fun neighbourhood venture (a veritable "beauty locker room" for bonding over gloss & gossip) has grown into something grand & global.

Girls flocked to the boutique for the "locker room" atmosphere, where gossip thrived and boyfriends were the subject of great debate! "Who says makeup has to be serious to look good?" they said. Jean & Jane introduced phenomenal products the industry had never seen before like lemon aid, ooh la lift, dr. feelgood and, of course... benetint!

Benetint is famous around the globe as the bestselling rose-tinted lip & cheek stain, but Jean & Jane originally created it in the 1970s at the request of an exotic dancer who wanted... ahem, something to give her nipples a rosy tint!
Today, Benefit is sold in over 35 countries at over 2,500 counters, and Benefit has over 30 boutiques across the world! The Fords have expanded their sister-centric legacy to include Maggie & Annie Ford Danielson, Jean's daughters, Jane's nieces, as Benefit Global Beauty Authorities.

Benefit believes brows are the frame to the face and was the first beauty brand to incorporate brows and brow services into beauty. Qualified aestheticians are waxing "wonders" and lash "legends," and from tip to toe keep your service fast, flawless and fun... with or without an appointment! So drop in now!

With exciting innovation behind products, unique packaging, and whimsical names like badgal lash mascara and some kind-a gorgeous foundation, Benefit is truly the brand that puts a smile on your face.

As Jean & Jane like to say... "Laughter is the best cosmetic... so grin and wear it!"